K2M’s French Foray Starts at Scoliosis Meeting

We’ve covered K2M, Inc. on numerous occasions over recent years, not least because it is focused on the interesting sweet spot that is minimally invasive spinal surgery for complex pathologies. The company has chosen this week’s Scoliosis Research Society’s (SRS) 48th Annual Conference in Lyon, France, at which to announce that it has entered the spinal device market in France.


Among its offerings, its K2M’s MESA Deformity system that has got the French ball rolling. MESA Deformity is a top-loading, low profile spinal system featuring the company’s Zero-Torque Technology®. The revolutionary design of the Deformity Reduction Jack (Cricket®) coupled with a complete offering of varied screw types, provides surgeons with the ability to accomplish the most difficult correction maneuvers across all planes utilizing unique instrumentation for slow, controlled correction of the spine.

The first surgical case was performed by Dr. Christophe Garin at the Groupement hôpitaux Est., Hopital Femme, Mere, Enfant in Lyon, using the company’s MESA® Deformity Spinal System.

 Company comments

“Our first surgery in France could not be more timely given our attendance at the SRS conference in Lyon this week. It is also an important market for K2M, as much of the history of spine deformity surgery originated in France,” stated Eric Major, K2M’s President and CEO. “K2M has been, and will continue to be, committed to establishing ourselves as the global leader in providing solutions for complex spinal pathologies.”

Source: K2M, Inc.