New Entity SpineDirect’s Low Cost “No Rep” Strategy

Spinal Fusion product supplier SpineDirect, has announced the official launch of its business this week in the US.


It’s perhaps a sign of the times that a company like SpineDirect thinks it has a chance in the United States. While most spinal players stick resolutely to the high price, high quality, high service model, Spine Direct is breaking the mold by selling its spinal fusion products at a much reduced price, seemingly without compromising on device quality.

How so? Well, where other companies’ offerings are characterised by the presence of a sales rep to make sure things run smoothly in the OR, quite simply SpineDirect doesn’t. The company’s model is to “offer quality training to the hospital partner and it’s staff to accomplish this role.”

Quite whether that will be enough for customers who are so used to company representation, remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure, potential users will be taking a long hard look at the product offering. If SpineDirect lives up to its claim that it doesn’t compromise the high-quality designs and manufacturing practices that lead to successful patient outcomes, they might be on to something. After all, cost is an ever-present and growing issue in all of healthcare, not least spinal implants.

Company comments

“There’s little doubt that SpineDirect will play a significant role in the changing US spine market as hospitals are desperately seeking solutions to a myriad of budget concerns, including reduced reimbursements. Spine surgery has typically always been profitable for hospitals, and now there is a way to pay considerably less for fusion hardware and experience greater profits while not compromising product quality”, a person familiar with the industry said.

Source: SpineDirect LLC, PR Newswire