Orthofix Launches CONSTRUX® Mini PEEK Titanium Composite™ Spacer System

In short

Orthofix International N.V., has followed its preliminary financials with the announcement that it is launching the CONSTRUX® Mini PEEK Titanium Composite™ (PTC) Spacer System through its spine distribution network.


Orthofix says its anterior cervical interbody system incorporates a unique technology that combines the benefits of PEEK’s imaging capabilities with the potential of bone ingrowth from porous titanium endplates. These are designed to provide a 3D porous material with the potential for bone ingrowth that may create a bond between the bone and the implant. According to the company the implant’s PEEK core, allows for post and intraoperative imaging without the severe image distortion associated with metal designs currently on the market.

This PEEK/ Titanium hybrid offers three footprints and various heights to address the cervical interbody fusion solution. These implants work with the CONSTRUX Mini PEEK Spacer System instrument trays currently in the field.

Physician comments

Dr. Scott Stanley, Medical Director of the Spine Program at Parker Adventist Hospital in Parker, Colorado, who is the primary surgeon innovator behind the technology stated, “After years of hard work in this product’s development, I am thrilled to utilize this implant for my patients. I believe that the porous interface will allow for potential bone ingrowth as demonstrated in the orthopedic joint arthroplasty literature. This product will allow patients to return to extracurricular activities and activities of daily living in a timely fashion.”

Company comments 

“We are very excited about the launch of this novel, differentiated cervical interbody system. It represents the beginning of a series of product launches in 2013 that will bring our cervical implant product offering to the forefront of the industry,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Vaters.

Source: Orthofix International NV., Business Wire