Reasons To Visit Exactech Booth At AAOS This Week

Exactech, Inc. has helpfully listed the products it intends to feature at this week’s AAOS meeting starting in San Francisco tomorrow.

The company’s technical exhibit showcasing new product offerings and demonstrations for orthopaedic surgeons during the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting in San Francisco, February 8-10, 2012. Exactech will launch a number of new products, present clinical results and provide hands-on exposure to new instrumentation at its AAOS exhibit. New products include:

Knee: Optetrak Logic®

A full market launch of the complete Optetrak Logic® primary knee system, an advanced approach to total knee replacement that introduces modern design features and intuitive instrumentation while building on the wisdom of a strong design lineage. The new system combines a patented Hi-Flex® geometry, proprietary Net Compression Molded polyethylene inserts, optimized FIT tibial trays, streamlined Logic LPI® instrumentation and additional sizes to accommodate varying patient anatomies.

The new Optetrak Logic® CR features an innovative Posterior Cruciate Referencing Technique (PCRT) and CR Slope® technology that enables surgeons to plan and perform a CR total knee replacement based on the anatomical and functional integrity of the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). Optetrak Logic PS features a cylindrical notch resection and bone-preserving. For additional ligament stability, Optetrak Logic PSC provides an easy conversion option from a PS insert.

Hip: Novation® Crown Cup®

A new porous metal acetabular system and novel surgical technique designed to improve the initial stability and long-term biological fixation of hip replacement implants. The Novation® Crown Cup® system for primary, complex primary and revision hip arthroplasties features Exactech’s third generation porous material, InteGrip™, which is manufactured with a titanium alloy through a unique manufacturing method known as Electron Beam Melting. Exactech is the first U.S. orthopaedic device company to offer FDA-cleared orthopaedic implants manufactured through this proprietary process. Exactech is currently conducting clinical evaluations of the porous metal acetabular system with full launch targeted for the second half of 2012.

Extremity: Equinoxe® Augmented Glenoid implants

Introduction of Equinoxe® Augmented Glenoid implants for challenging glenoid morphologies. These innovative implant solutions are designed to specifically address posterior, superior and medial deformities, while simplifying the procedure and preserving native bone.

Spine: Gibralt® cervical thoracic spine system

A full market launch of Gibralt® cervical thoracic spine system, a versatile solution that features top-loading polyaxial screws with Easy Set Tulip Head and Tightlok® thread technology. The system includes hooks, offset connectors and rod-to-rod connectors which can be constructed into a multitude of configurations. Gibralt works in conjunction with Exactech’s Proliant® and HydraLok® pedicle screw systems for a full spine solution.

Cellular Therapy: 

An introduction of the ART®II protocol, which is the addition of tranexamic acid combined with PRP in total knee surgery.

The addition of Ossigen®, a 3D matrix of collagen and an organic bone mineral processed into blocks for surgical implantation for the repair of bony defects in the spine, extremities and pelvis that may be hydrated with autogenous bone marrow at the point of use.

Surgeons will be available to discuss the Accelerate® Bone Marrow Concentrate and how it may deliver optimal cell concentration in a closed system.

Bone Regeneration: Optecure® clinical results

Representatives will be on hand to discuss clinical results of Optecure® in the spine and demonstrate its value to the economic customer.

Bone Cement: InterSpace® shoulder

A full market release of a smaller InterSpace® shoulder, now available in 41mm and 46mm heads. Product representatives will be on hand to discuss the continued expansion of the InterSpace product line, including the soon-to-be released XL knee spacer.

A full market release of 40g Cemex® System Fast with Gentamicin.

Source: Exactech