Stryker to Sell Neurologica’s CT Scanner in Defined Specialties

Stryker Corporation and NeuroLogica, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America Inc., have entered into an exclusive partnership agreement. Under its terms, Stryker will promote and sell NeuroLogica’s BodyTom portable full body computed tomography (CT) scanner for the specialties of neurosurgery, spine surgery, orthopaedic surgery, and trauma surgery in conjunction with the Stryker NAV3i™ Surgical Navigation Platform.


BodyTom is the world’s first portable, 32-slice full body CT scanner. With an 85cm gantry and 60cm field of view, BodyTom produces high quality diagnostic images throughout the hospital, including in the operating theater where it is frequently used to provide point-of-care imaging for surgical procedures. BodyTom can be combined with surgical navigation, also known as image guided surgery, to facilitate the guidance of surgical instruments relative to a patient’s anatomy, improving visualization and precision during minimally invasive surgical interventions.

The agreement will enable Stryker, an industry leader in surgical navigation, and NeuroLogica, an industry leader in point-of-care imaging, to offer a turnkey surgical solution for customers seeking to acquire these innovative technologies.

From Neurologica’s perspective the deal means it will be able to focus on the development of new markets and clinical applications for BodyTom along with their other portable imaging solutions, CereTom® and inSPira HD®.

Physician comments

“The integration of Stryker Navigation with the BodyTom CT scanner is really very exciting,” said Dr. Johnny Delashaw, neurosurgeon. “The opportunity here is to be more accurate when we place our hardware in the spine and then reconfirm that our hardware is in a great position before we ever leave the room.”

Company comments

“Stryker Navigation and NeuroLogica share a commitment to offering the most advanced technologies to assist surgeons in the operating theater and deliver better outcomes for their patients,” said Derek Babin, Director of Marketing for Stryker Navigation. “We are excited to partner with NeuroLogica to provide streamlined and integrated surgical solutions to our customers that will enhance the surgeon experience and simplify the purchasing process for hospitals.”

Source: Stryker Corporation, PR Newswire

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