US product launch Of Y-wire™ Avoids Problematic Forward Migration Of Guidewires

“…the product makes my procedures faster with less fluoroscopy and with almost no concern for wire migration.”

In short

Spine and Orthopaedic Instrument company SafeWire, LLC., has announced the official US launch of its clever Y-wire™ cannula guidewire which it claims “minimises inadvertant trajectories” of MIS devices. Clever, yet very simple because the device is basically a guidewire with a memory metal “Y” shaped distal tip which opens once outside a cannulation and thereby prevents further forward migration of both itself and the cannulated device.


SafeWire LLC, in a press release issued last week, describes its Y-wire as a guidewire that is designed to mitigate forward migration of cannulated devices (and their guidewires) during surgery; it also helps eliminate wire kinking issues. The product was pilot launched in 2011 and to date surgeons have utilized more than 3,500 wires. The Y-wire is now being commercially released on a US national basis.

Clinician comments

Dr. James Billys in Tampa, FL has been utilizing the product over during the pilot launch.

“Y-wire has enhanced my ability to perform MIS procedures with cannulated pedicle screws. I have seen a 50% reduction in fluoroscopy since switching from a standard guidewire. I have implanted approximately 750 screws while utilizing Y-wire without any breaching of the anterior cortex. In short, the product makes my procedures faster with less fluoroscopy and with almost no concern for wire migration.”

Company comments

Wyatt Geist, CEO of SafeWire commented on the national US launch. “We believe that our first product to market will help improve Minimal invasive procedures. The feedback that we have received from surgeons in the pilot has been very positive. It is our hope to continue to improve procedures by releasing new products that will reduce fluoroscopy, minimising inadvertent trajectories, and will make the procedures faster and easier. The next product to be launched is scheduled in May 2012.”

The first released product, Y-wire, addresses guidewire improvement for instruments and implants. Other MIS areas that will be addressed with product releases should happen in the next 30 to 60 days.

Source: SafeWire LLC, PR Newswire