Tissue Regeneration Technologies Makes Its Case… We Think

In short

U.S. medtech company Tissue Regeneration Technologies, LLC (TRT) has released details of its product pipeline, including information on the indication, development stage, trial phase, product milestones, pipeline territory, estimated approval date, and estimated launch date. And they want you to buy it.


TRT develops, manufactures and sells devices used primarily in urology, orthopedics and in wound care. The company’s products include lithogold, dermagold, cardiogold, orthogold, vetgold and softwave therapy definition.

The company’s proprietary technology is based on pressure pulse and extracorporeal shockwave therapy(ESWT). TRT says its patented softwave technology has a regenerative effect on wounds, bones and ischemic heart tissue, which is not in itself a new claim, ESWT having a growing reputation in treatment of especially non-healing wounds as we have covered here before .

So now the company is issuing a report on itself, and in a slightly peculiar move, actually offering the report for sale.

TRT says its report is a source for data, analysis and “actionable intelligence” on the Tissue Regeneration Technologies portfolio of pipeline products, by which we think it means it’s either up for sale or keen to develop an OEM business model for its offerings. either that or it is adopting a strategy of leveraging its own market intelligence.

Either way, it looks like a proper job,  each pipeline product being profiled including a description, function, technology, indication, and application. The report is also supplemented with a detailed company profile and information on clinical trials, wherever applicable.

If you’d like to see more about what’s in the report, refer to the company’s press release, here… and see if you can work out what “actionable intelligence” means

Source: Tissue Regeneration Technologies LLC., SB Wire