CE Mark For Lazarus Effect Funnel™ Guide Catheter

In short

Cleverly named clot removal specialist company, Lazarus Effect, has just announced that their new single lumen catheter for introduction and removal of interventional devices, has gained a CE Mark.

Congratulations are due for that, but the fact that the website at which we’re pointed is under construction calls into question the haste in issuing a press release on the subject.


According to Lazarus Effect’s release, approximately two million strokes occur in Europe each year, 78% of which are ischemic and caused by a dislodged blood clot or arterial plaque debris traveling to the brain and blocking a cerebral artery.

At Medlatest.com we often cover clot retrieval on our site, for the reason that it remains a challenge for clinicians and device developers alike. While thrombectomy devices can capture clots, there remains a risk that they lose material as the device is extracted. Indeed Lazarus Effect states that among 124 Stentriever (stent plus retriever) cases evaluated during a recent European study, lost clot pieces caused embolisation in areas of the brain previously not affected in 9% of all cases.

Lazarus Effect is focused on improving treatment of acute ischemic stroke through effective removal of the blood clots that cause stroke, which seemingly includes optimisation of the portal. With the CE marking of its Lazarus Funnel™ Guide Catheter it believes it offers a real solution to the problem of emboli, the device being described as a unique, single-lumen catheter designed to enhance the introduction and removal of interventional devices, including those used to treat acute ischemic stroke.

Lazarus Effect plans to launch the Lazarus Funnel in Europe during Q1 2013, the company currently in the process of evaluating distribution partners. The device has already been used successfully in European clinics to support primary revascularisation devices such as Covidien’s Solitaire™ clot retrieval gizmo we’ve covered extensively on our site recently.

Company comments

“The Lazarus Funnel offers the potential to reduce the incidence of secondary stroke resulting from clot pieces lost during removal with standard thrombectomy devices,” said Martin Dieck, chairman and CEO, Lazarus Effect. “It is the first in a series of products we are developing to address the limitations of current stroke intervention systems and the challenges posed by the broad range of clot types that cause ischemic stroke.”

More information can(not) be found at www.lazarus-effect.com.

SOURCE Lazarus Effect, PR Newswire