CE Mark and First Use of ReFlow Medical Endovascular Catheters

Cardiovascular device specialist ReFlow Medical Inc. has gained CE mark approval for its Wingman35 Crossing Catheter and speX™ Shapeable Support Catheter.


ReFlow Medical’s Wingman35 Crossing Catheter and speX™ Shapeable Support Catheter have been approved for use in the peripheral vasculature. The new Wingman35 Crossing Catheter allows the physician to use their .035” guidewire of choice during procedures, and the new speX™ Shapeable Support Catheter provides physicians with a shapeable tip option to meet their specific case needs.

Following CE marking, the devices have already seen first clinical use by Dr. Andrej Schmidt at University Leipzig, Germany.

Physician comments

“Building on the Wingman14 design, the addition of the Wingman35 to the portfolio now expands the choice of wire I can use when treating my patients,” says Dr. Schmidt. “The unique extendable bevel tip gives me the ability to utilize the Wingman as a daily support catheter with the added benefit of crossing lesions when needed. The speX™ shapeable catheter further expands my capabilities with the Wingman14 device because it retains its shape and allows me to reshape as needed. I can rapidly adjust to the specific needs of each case and each patient, with predictable results.”

Company comments

ReFlow Medical President and CEO, Isa Rizk, commented, “The addition of these new devices expands on our current .014” offering and builds a broad suite of products that give the physicians more options when treating a wide variety of lesions. We are thankful for the input from our scientific advisory board – we worked closely with them to develop these products. We look forward to continue to change the rules for vascular access by introducing additional products in the near term that meet the need for simple, yet effective solutions.”

Source: ReFlow Medical, Inc., Business Wire



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