EU Report Says Endovascular Procedures, Specifically Transcatheter Embolization, Are Growing Steadily

In short

The European market for transcatheter embolization devices is valued at just over €230 million with the leading segment consisting of coil embolics, which currently represents nearly half of the market. A new report from iData Research points to growth in endovascular procedures in general with aging population and growth in predisposing conditions the main drivers. The market for related devices is currently estimated at $1.1Bn.


The prevalence of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) increases with age and the existence of predisposing conditions such as obesity, are factors both on the rise in Europe. Consequently it’s not surprising to find a market research company predicting a healthy future for companies involved in treating these conditions.

iData Research is an international market research and consulting firm focused on providing market intelligence for the medical device, dental and pharmaceutical industries. The company has issued three detailed and comprehensive reports entitled European Markets for Peripheral Vascular Devices 2012 which unsurprisingly point to a growth in endovascular techniques and sees significant competition in the area of transcatheter embolization. This is the practice of inducing occlusions of blood flow via the targeted introduction of material to within the vasculature and is effective for treating vessel malformations such as aneurysms, fistulae and bleeding and the market consists of three types of device: particle embolics, coil embolics and liquid embolics.

In general, due to their minimally invasive nature, endovascular techniques are growing in relation to their open surgical alternatives in the United States. Though European physicians have been much slower to adopt these procedures into their practices, the merits of endovascular interventions have not been ignored by the European community and the markets of devices related to these therapies are growing.

Cook Medical is the overall leader in the European peripheral vascular device market, being the European transcatheter embolic device market leader and the second-leading competitor in the lucrative stent-graft market.

Other major players in the peripheral vascular market include W. L. Gore, Cordis, Abbott Laboratories, Medtronic, C. R. Bard, Terumo and Boston Scientific. W. L. Gore operated exclusively in the covered stent, vascular graft and stent graft markets. Covered stents are experiencing strong growth in unit sales.

Source: prweb