US Launch for Terumo’s Detachable AZUR® CX Peripheral Vascular Coil

This week sees the holding of the 11th Vascular InterVentional Advances Conference (VIVA) in Las Vegas. Terumo Interventional Systems has chosen to use the opportunity to announce the US launch of its AZUR® CX Peripheral Coil System. The company says Azur CX  is the first and only peripheral embolization coil designed to provide cross‐sectional coverage incorporating the benefits of Terumo’s patented hydrogel technology.


Endovascular occlusion of peripheral vessels using embolization coils is expected to grow by approximately 5.8 percent annually through 2016. This increase is primarily driven by innovation in detachable coil technology and access devices, which allow physicians to treat a wider variety of patient conditions. Compared to traditional pushable embolic coils, detachable coils offer enhanced clinical benefits, including more precise positioning, that allow physicians to extend further into more tortuous anatomy, where distal embolization is a concern

The Azur CX is an expansion of Terumo’s AZUR® family of embolization coils. Terumo says its unique coil construction with hydrogel on the inside delivers a soft, flexible design. The hydrogel technology creates a scaffold for neointimal growth formation and allows mechanical occlusion of the vessel with less reliance on thrombus for embolization. The Azur CX creates a complex shape that enhances cross-­‐sectional coverage by filling the vessel, leaving no gap in the center. It can be deployed with minimal catheter manipulation.

Physician comments

“Placing embolic coils in high‐flow vessels is always a challenge, because of the possibility the coil will move after placement. Maintaining control is critical. From the first loop, the AZUR CX with hydrogel technology instills confidence, because it creates a stable anchor in the vessel,” said Frank R. Arko III, MD, Sanger Heart and Vascular Institute, Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, North Carolina. “The coil has minimal preparation time and with the AZUR® Detachment Controller I can achieve precise placement.”

Company comments

“The AZUR CX is a great addition to Terumo’s diversified portfolio of peripheral embolization products. This device is yet another example of Terumo’s commitment to satisfying the needs of physicians who treat patients in the emerging embolization market,” said Chris Pearson, Vice President, Marketing, Terumo Interventional Systems. “Terumo’s mission is to combine the right product solutions with high-quality training and education programs that help physicians deliver the highest level of clinical care.”

Source: Terumo Interventional Systems