Renal Stent Study Shows Lower BP In Refractory Hypertension

One paper is doing the rounds right now, probably because it pertains to our new friends the renal arteries. It seems these vessels are pretty pivotal in determining our well-being, as evidenced by the significant and sustained blood pressure reduction that can be achieved when they are treated using one of the new renal denervation products.

The article, which refers to a publication in the journal ┬áCatheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions┬ácan be found here. Oh and there’s another one here. Oh and another one here.

In a follow up paper to a study performed between 2007 and 2009 by Abbott Vascular, it seems that renal stenting with the company’s RX Herculink Elite device also has a sustained BP reduction effect in patients with the potentially lethal cocktail of high cholesterol levels and treatment resistant hypertension.

So, all eyes on the renal artery because we’re going to see companies fighting over this space for years.

Source: eurekalert,