Another Robot Surgery System Sees Cases Increase

Intravascular robotics company Hansen Medical, Inc., has reported selected preliminary fourth quarter and full-year 2013 results. Highlights include 9% increase in procedures performed using the company’s Magellan or Sensei® X Systems.


Hansen Medical says it “commercialized” six robotic systems in the quarter, which we take to mean either sold or at least saw brought into commercial use, for example as a conversion of an evaluation unit. Specifically the company says these events included the previously reported conversion of one system to a sales transaction, and the conversion of an additional evaluation to a short-term rental agreement while the hospital continues to evaluate the potential purchase of the system. The six robotic systems include five Magellan™ Systems and one Sensei® X System.

Through 2013 then the company commercialized a total of 14 robotic systems, comprising nine Magellan and five Sensei Systems.

Physicians performed an estimated 815 Hansen Medical robotic procedures in the fourth quarter, up approximately 9% sequentially, and 8% over the prior year. Total estimated procedures for the year were a record 3,210, an increase of approximately 19% over the prior year.

Two additional hospitals were named as so-called Magellan Centers of Excellence for the training of physicians and medical staff in the U.S. These included the Keck Medical Center at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA, and Premier Health Miami Valley Hospital, in Dayton, OH.

Company comments

“We continue to see increasingly positive trends in our business and are pleased to report the commercialization of six robotic systems in the fourth quarter, which brings to 10 the total number of robotic systems commercialized in the second half of 2013,” said Bruce Barclay, Hansen Medical’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Importantly, we met our previously communicated full-year 2013 commercialization outlook, with 14 systems commercialized, and our estimated procedures outlook, with an estimated 3,210 procedures performed. Additionally, we continued to expand our network of U.S. training and reference centers by naming the Keck Medical Center at USC, and Premier Health Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, OH as Magellan Centers of Excellence. These hospitals have each purchased two Magellan systems, one of which will be used in their clinical practice and the second will be installed in their respective training centers where physicians and medical staff can observe and train with the Magellan system in advanced endovascular procedures.

“We are also pleased with our progress toward receipt of FDA clearance for our lower profile, Magellan 6Fr Robotic Catheter and continue to expect to receive final clearance in the first quarter,” continued Mr. Barclay. “The new Magellan 6Fr Catheter represents a second, smaller catheter platform, after the current Magellan 9Fr Catheter, with proprietary single catheter, dual bend technology and has the potential to expand the Magellan Robotic System’s clinical capabilities into a larger array of interventional and endovascular therapies for physicians who prefer a smaller puncture site and to perform smaller vessel procedures.”

Source: Hansen Medical, Inc., Marketwired

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