Bit Different To When I was A Lad: OR Integration With Maquet’s Tegris

In short

Maquet is trumpeting the introduction of its new TEGRIS integrated OR system, which it says is characterised by its powerful and compact nature. At around a quarter of the size of its predecessor, it is a flexible and space-saving unit for use in the operating room. Nevertheless Maquet says it still maintains the well-known strengths of the company’s OR integration.


We don’t normally do the “trumpeting” thing, because it can come over all “salesy”, but Maquet’s newest iteration of its OR integration system is really pretty smart so we’ll go with it.

Firstly from the perspective of real-world adaptability, all image sources, such as endoscopes, microscopes and OR field cameras, regardless of manufacturer, can be connected to the Tegris system. In this way the company reckons its system is adaptable to accommodate devices needing to be integrated at a later date.

The system features a navigation area individually adapted to aid the surgeon in their workflow. The user interface enables individual steps to be carried out systematically and safely. Furthermore, interfaces to internal information systems enable all patient data to be made available at the touch of a button for viewing by the entire OR team on all monitors if desired.

The integrated safety checklist designed to increase patient safety based on WHO principles is an additional benefit.

Company comments

“Over the years, we have fitted several hundreds of operating rooms around the world with OR integration technology. Tegris is the result of the experience gained on the basis of user feedback,” says Bernd Binder, Product Manager for OR Integration at Maquet. The mapping of optimum workflows and the associated safety for patients and surgeons forms the foundation of the concept and, at the same time, brings about excellent efficiency. This is made clear by the multi-faceted modular ways in which the systems are used and which are characterised by a high proportion of software. In this way, the hospital is able to integrate additional components without major installation work and the associated OR downtime. The required functionalities are simply installed by MAQUET Service on request, even via remote access or by the client themselves.

Source: Maquet, PR Newswire