FDA Clears Toshiba’s Aquilion™ RXL CT System: New Technology Means Radiation Dose Reduction For Clinicians And Patients

In short

Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. has received FDA clearance for its Aquilion™ RXL Edition CT system. The Aquilion RXL reconstructs images faster and includes the latest dose reduction technologies, providing what Toshiba says is faster, safer information to physicians and patients.


Aquilion RXL is the latest addition to Toshiba’s imaging arsenal, bringing as it does the most advanced radiation dose reduction technology to the 16-detector row CT system with Toshiba’s Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D (AIDR 3D). AIDR 3D lowers radiation dose compared with conventional scanning, aiding clinicians in accurate diagnoses and treatment planning. It is a sophisticated algorithm designed to work in both the raw data and image data spaces, reducing noise while attempting to maintain image quality. The system also features Toshiba’s NEMA XR 25 Dose Check Software which improves user awareness of the radiation dose administered to patients.

Additionally, Aquilion RXL incorporates Toshiba’s sophisticated suite of SURETechnologies, increasing clinical capabilities and significantly improving productivity.

The news comes on the back of Toshiba’s announcement that its new 8 and 32 channel Titan 1.5T MR Systems have also gained FDA clearance. That release can be found here.

Company comments

“Aquilion RXL is the ideal system for healthcare facilities looking for a safe, efficient and accurate CT system, combining performance and value for every-day imaging needs,” said Satrajit Misra, senior director, CT Business Unit, Toshiba. “The integrated AIDR 3D radiation dose reduction technology creates safer exams for improved patient care.”

Source: Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc.