New HydraSolve™ Lipoplasty System Liquefies Only Fat

In short

Last week saw Vancouver hosting the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) conference and Andrew Technologies, LLC took the opportunity to launch its HydraSolve™ Lipoplasty System at the event.


HydraSolve™ was cleared by FDA in 2010 and is a liposuction device based on the same patented Tissue Liquefaction Technology™ that was launched in 2003 by Alcon as the AquaLase® Liquefaction Device for precision cataract surgery.

It cleverly combines natural saline solution with low levels of pressure and temperature, to liquefy only targeted fat tissue, thereby obviating the need for traumatic cutting of fat by forceful thrusts of the cannula.

The energised saline stream inside the cannula liquefies targeted fat tissue, while not damaging or cutting blood vessels, nerves or connective tissue. The system achieves liquefaction of fat tissue by cell disaggregation, not by the lysing of cell membranes. Indeed even the specially designed HydraSolve™ cannula(pictured) is manufactured with aperture edges that have a rounded radius of curvature that do not cut tissue.

Clinician comments

Andrew Technologies has been engaged in clinical development of the device with several leading Plastic Surgeons to demonstrate the full potential of HydraSolve in over 50 patient cases. According to Dr. Richard D’Amico of Englewood, N.J., “It is clearly more efficient and my opinion is that it is less traumatic and may result in less blood loss for a given amount of lipoaspirate.” Dr. Christopher Godek of Toms River, NJ, and President of the NJ Society of Plastic Surgery, has contributed to the development of the HydraSolve(TM) technology since its inception and observed that “HydraSolve(TM) provides faster, smoother fat extraction for the surgeon, with a quicker recovery for patients.” Dr. David Abramson, another expert plastic surgeon in New York and New Jersey has more recently started using HydraSolve and added, “With the first patient I treated, on her first post-op visit I had to actively search for some bruising and almost didn’t find any.”

Company comments 

According to Dr. Mark  S. Andrew, co-inventor of the device and Chief Scientific officer of Andrew Technologies, “HydraSolve™ is better for patients because it is gentle and tissue-friendly; it’s better for surgeons because it gives them excellent control and precision in removing fat, and it also reduces their physical exertion.”

SOURCE Andrew Technologies, LLC., PR Newswire