OmniGuide’s “Next Generation” MIS CO2 Laser System Launched This Week

In short

Massachusetts medical device company OmniGuide Inc., has unveiled its new FELS-25A Intelliguide, calling it the next generation laser system for minimally invasive CO2 laser surgery.


According to a press release from OmniGuide, the company’s Intelliguide is an automated, high precision CO2 laser for use with OmniGuide’s breakthrough BeamPath® fibers, creating a solution that significantly improves precision, access and control in surgical cutting. OmniGuide leverages the benefits of CO2 laser, known to be one of the safest, most effective and most precise surgical cutting modalities available to improve minimally invasive surgical outcomes.

The system is designed to eliminate the cumbersome set-up associated with traditional CO2 lasers, while its small footprint and quiet operation allow it to be easily integrated into the operating room environment. Intuitive touchscreen controls for all laser functions improve ease of use and expedite the learning process for all users. Advanced functions, like customised surgeon settings and integrated cooling gas controls, simplify and shorten the set-up process in the O.R., ensuring consistent system performance.

The Intelliguide will be presented at the 2012 Combined Otolaryngological Spring Meetings in San Diego from April 19th to 21st

Company comments

“We are fully committed to being a leader in minimally invasive laser surgery by delivering enhanced surgical solutions based on precision, access and control. We are excited about launching a product that delivers on all fronts. We are confident that the Intelliguide will help us expand our market presence in the fields of Gynecology, Otolaryngology and Neurosurgery,” states Scott Flora, President and CEO.

Source: OmniGuide