Toshiba’s Quiet Boasts About Its MRI Systems

Toshiba Medical Systems has issued a press release to remind us of the merits of its Pianissimo™ Magnetic Resonance System, which it claims reduced acoustic noise associated with MRI scanning by up to 90% or 33dB(A).


One of the biggest complaints patients have with MR imaging is the loud acoustic noise. The sound produced by the powerful gradients makes patients uncomfortable. This discomfort results in longer exams and sometimes poor image quality because patients can’t stay still. Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. says it’s helping clinicians improve the MR experience with its Pianissimo technology. Introduced as far back as 1999, Pianissimo claims to reduce gradient acoustic noise by 90% or 33dB(A) on 1.5T and 3T systems, producing the quietest MR exam on every sequence.

Pianissimo accomplishes its comparative quietness through an innovative hardware solution that includes a vacuum-sealed gradient coil and sound-dampening materials built into the system. It also helps minimize gradient vibration, producing higher overall image quality. Pianissimo is available as standard technology on Toshiba’s entire Vantage™ MR product line so customers don’t have to pay extra to make their patients comfortable.

Physician comments

Clinicians at Winn Army Community Hospital, who installed Toshiba’s Vantage Titan™ 3T, were surprised by how much noise was reduced.

Brad Wilkes, MRI technologist said; “Recently, we conducted an MR exam with one of our lieutenants, who asked if the system was on because it was so quiet. The noise-reduction technology truly addresses one of the major compliance issues in MR.”

Company comments

“Toshiba was the first in the industry to introduce a quieter MR system and we’ve continued to focus on improving the patient experience,” said Beverly Plost, director, MR Business Unit, Toshiba.

“Instead of sounding like a jackhammer, the system ensures that patients hear much less noise during exams, putting them at ease and allowing clinicians to get accurate diagnoses as quickly as possible.”

Source: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation, Business Wire

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