Ethicon Reality Checks into Collaboration with Megadyne®

Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. and Megadyne®, Inc have both issued press releases confirming that they have entered into a collaboration agreement. While the details of the deal and how it will work are sketchy, the net effect looks like being that the customer will be offered a contracting solution that incorporates the two companies’ combined product offerings, increasing choice and access to a broad energy portfolio.


The terms of this collaborative  agreement will see  Ethicon and Megadyne able to offer contracting solutions for customers in the U.S. that will increase choice and access to a broad energy portfolio across multiple energy platforms, from monopolar and standard bipolar currently offered by MEGADYNE® to advanced bipolar and ultrasonic currently offered by Ethicon. The companies believe this collaboration not only provides customers greater choice of energy solutions to simplify their inventory management, but will also offer increased value through flexible contracting solutions, capital trade-out programs, product and supplier standardization and environmentally friendly solutions.

Megadyne pitches itself as The Electrosurgical Authority®, and describes its business as being an end-to-end, full-solution electrosurgical equipment and accessory developer and manufacturer. As such it brings to the party gap-filling systems that will compliment Ethicon’s advanced offerings and will mean the J&J division will be better able to offer full energy packages to customers who would prefer single source supply for all of its benefits and cost-reduction potential.

Customer comments

“This combined offering provides our hospital system with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for our energy needs,” said Sonja L. Glass, RN, BSN, Value Analysis Coordinator for Surgical Services, Strategic Sourcing (Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Winston Salem, North Carolina). “I believe Ethicon and Megadyne provide high quality products that help us deliver quality outcomes for our patients. The strategic partnership helps drive cost efficiencies and provides financial benefits for Wake Forest Baptist.”

Company comments

for Ethicon

“Our companies share a common vision to advance surgery and improve patient outcomes through high quality standards, intuitive to use products and a customer solutions mindset,” said Michelle Brennan, Worldwide President for the Ethicon Energy business. “Now leveraging our combined scope and scale, we can provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions across the spectrum of energy platforms.”

for Megadyne

“Megadyne is proud to collaborate with Ethicon, as we share a common vision and commitment to providing high-quality, world-class health care products to our customers,” said Robert Farnsworth, CEO of Megadyne Medical Products. “This agreement will enable us to jointly leverage each of our strengths and expertise to provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions across the spectrum of energy platforms.”

Source: Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc., Business Wire

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