Medlatest’s Weekly Editorial Online Now

They’re all at it these stent companies, trying to convince us that their offering has a bit more than the opposition. The new target is undoubtedly reduction in the need for DAPT therapy and Hong Kong based OrbusNeich has a very interesting proposition, combining drug elution with healing in the first dual therapy device.

Aside from that we’re discussing the merits of renal denervation in the light of new data presented at EuroPCR on Boston Scientific’s Vessix system. We’re still left wondering how and why renal denervation works, more more significantly why nobody’s really trying to find out as they bask in the knowledge that work it does.

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Medlatest’s weekly editorial online now

It’s not often we’re short of subject matter, but this week we’ve been virtually buried under a tsunami of press and news releases from Europe’s premier cardiology event. EuroPCR not only represents a great opportunity for technologists to showcase their wares, it rather highlights the fact that where new therapies are concerned, Europe is far from the global backwater. With EU regulations being a bit easier to navigate than the good old FDA, new technologies get better access to patients in the EU, which means more studies, which means more results, which means more news.

And we’re sensing that at last the industry is waking up with a realisation that if it shouts about its wins, using press releases or even just sending vehicles like us their news, physicians will see more of them and consider adopting new techniques.

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Medlatest’s Weekly Editorial Online Now

In the last edition before the Easter weekend break, this week we ponder social media, remembering the days, not so very long ago, when your average medical professional scoffed at twitter. Now a physician is more likely to carry an iPad than a stethoscope. Why? Because medics are always busy and social media allow them to keep abreast of current thinking by allowing others to do the trawling. As we say in the headline, don’t scoff at social media in medicine.

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Medlatest’s Weekly Editorial Online Now

It’s been one of those week’s when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. First we get buoyed up by the buzz of cardiology development that emanates from the ACC Scientific Sessions meeting, then we reflect on the mind-blowing damages being awarded in metal-on-metal hip legal cases. And then we turn on the TV to see a news item about the desperate struggle for existence of an Iraqi girl who lost her leg in a bomb attack ten years ago and wonder just how fair the world’s society is? Maybe victorious all-metal hip plaintiffs should send her a few of their currency units… now that would warm the heart.

The new Pope seems to be telling us it’s not just about money as he catches a bus and lives in austere surroundings.

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