Surgical Instrument Reuse and Repair Education for Healthcare Professionals

Surgical instrument reuse and repair is potentially important in the decarbonising of medical device use. With a shifting focus on greater sustainability in healthcare in mind, a UK-based surgical instrument manufacturer and repairer is taking proactive steps to develop a circular economy approach.

It’s a sign of the times and refreshing to see a medical device company stepping up to the plate on sustainability. Family-run Surgical Holdings has announced the launch of the ‘Surgical Holdings Academy.’ The company has designed this pioneering educational platform specifically for healthcare professionals, the users and stakeholders in medical device application.

Launching in January 2024, The Surgical Holdings Academy, will deliver vital education on how medical devices fit into the circular economy equation. Moreover it aims to equip healthcare professionals and operating teams with solid understanding and insight into what goes into manufacturing, materials, function and performance of common and complex surgical instrumentation.

The programme will cover key areas such as maintenance, fault detection and diagnosis. Indeed it also delivers vital knowledge on how to care for instruments and prolong their lifespan.

The Surgical Holdings Academy aligns seamlessly with the NHS’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2045. Indeed it only serves to emphasise the pivotal role of reusable surgical instruments in reducing healthcare’s carbon footprint.

Company comments

Mark Pullen, Training Manager at Surgical Holdings, said: “At Surgical Holdings, our mission goes beyond manufacturing products; it’s about educating stakeholders on the profound implications of sustainability in healthcare. By embracing a circular economy – prioritising recycling, reusing and extending product lifespans – we’re not only enhancing sustainability but also elevating patient safety. Now with focus on the circular economy, the first ‘quick win’ of this is not breaking devices in the first place. The launch of the Surgical Holdings Academy is a pivotal step towards advancing education in this critically important area.”

Surgical Instrument reuse and repair key to NHS commitment

The NHS’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions and initiatives like the Green Theatre Checklist underscore the urgency for sustainable healthcare practices. Integrating reuse and repair lies at the forefront of enabling the NHS and wider healthcare sector to meet their targets for decarbonisation. 

About Surgical Holdings

Using its 35-year history as skilled Craftsman and suppliers of surgical instruments to the NHS, Surgical Holdings remains at the forefront of championing greater sustainability in healthcare. All repairs are carried out by a team of highly skilled technicians, who are trained in both manufacture and repair. The company is keen to pass on that wealth of knowledge, believing it is important to educate and train others to help them get the most out of each surgical instrument, so they last for many years.

The Surgical Holdings Academy’s first event, takes place on 22 February 2024. Healthcare professionals will be invited to delve into the basics of surgical instruments from manufacture to maintenance and repair.

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Source: Surgical Holdings

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