Miniaturized Ultrasound for Pain Makes International Debut at Medica 2014

Last week’s Medica Congress, the World’s largest medical equipment trade fair, saw the debut of sam® (sustained acoustic medicine), the first and only multiple hour bio-electronic wearable device for pain.


ZetrOZ says it is revolutionizing the medical therapeutic industry with its proprietary technology including the sam® sustained acoustic medicine and UltrOZ® miniature wearable ultrasound devices for accelerated recovery and pain management.  

The first device in a new technology category of ultrasound bio-electronics, sam, the world’s only multi-hour wearable device for pain relief and accelerated healing, was FDA-cleared and CE-marked earlier this year and is now available for daily use in primary care.

The sam® device addresses the growing demand for non-pharmaceutical and bio-regenerative alternatives to typical pharma-based pain treatments in the approximately $62 billion U.S. pain management market. Early adopters of sam® include physical therapists, athletic trainers and athletes for improved recovery of overuse injuries such as tendonopathies and muscle strains, many of whom have documented measurable improvement in mobility, range of motion and overall health outcomes with a wide spectrum of patients, says the company press release.

Company comments

“sam brings ‘first-line’ therapy to acute pain sufferers before that pain becomes chronic,” said inventor and Chief Scientific Officer George K. Lewis, Ph.D.

“We are working to manage pain and resolve medical conditions for the 1.5 billion sufferers worldwide by introducing doctors, physical therapists, and hospitals to sustained acoustic medicine.”

Source: ZetrOZ, Inc., Marketwired

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