HipGrid™ Rolled Out for Non-invasive Fluoroscopic Guidance in Total Hip Replacement

Invented by orthopedic surgeons, HipGrid™ is a set of proprietary, radiopaque, fluoroscopic guides designed to help address common challenges associated with total hip replacement (THR) that can lead to suboptimal outcomes for hip replacement patients.


OrthoGrid® Systems, Inc. is a privately owned medical device company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. OrthoGrid® started with a simple idea to help orthopedic surgeons position their implants and restore leg length when performing total hip replacement. Early OrthoGrid® concepts have grown into a portfolio of patented and patent-pending technologies related to intraoperative alignment using radiopaque grid patterns for orthopedic total joint arthroplasty and trauma.

HipGrid™ is a non-invasive measurement system surgeons may use for intraoperative assessment of implant position and restoration of anatomic alignment. With HipGrid™ used with a low-dose x-ray machine, surgeons may now visualize and quantify where the implants are positioned in relation to key anatomical landmarks while operating. Because it is easy to use and requires minimal setup, HipGrid™ offers a way to provide cost-effective, accuracy-improving procedures for surgeons and hospitals eager to participate in today’s accountable care environment.

HipGrid™ was recently introduced at the International Congress for Joint Reconstruction in Houston, Texas, and again at the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) 24th Annual Meeting in Dallas. The technology has now been successfully utilized in over 1,000 surgeries nationwide

A published, independent study1 from the University of Utah concluded that HipGrid™ reduced operating time and improved implant position, which may improve long-term outcomes and help reduce the incidence of leg length inequality after THR.

HipGrid™ is an FDA-approved, Class I, medical device available in the U.S. and works with standard C-arms available in most operating rooms. Orthopedic surgeons may choose from two distinct grid patterns based on surgical and fluoroscopic preference.

Physician comments

Stefan Kreuzer, MD, of Memorial Bone and Joint Clinic in Houston commented; “What I like about OrthoGrid®, is that it is not dependent on electronics. It works all the time! OrthoGrid® is a fantastic sort of navigation that is perfect for surgeons and hospitals who can’t or won’t purchase expensive technology.”

Source: OrthoGrid® Systems, Inc., Business Wire

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