B. Braun Medical’s Introcan Safety® cannula, which also reduces the infection risk for patients, scooped the IV Therapy category in the national Nursing Times Product Awards 2010.
The awards, held at London’s Hilton Park Lane on the 3rd November 2010, recognise innovative products that offer the greatest benefits to nurses and patients.
Jennifer Whiteley, Product Manager for Safety Devices at B. Braun Medical, said: “It is fantastic to have won this prestigious award and for Introcan Safety® to be recognised by the nursing community for it’s contribution towards making hospitals a safer place for both nurses and patients.”
As many as 90 per cent of hospital patients will receive treatment through an IV cannula during their stay. Medical staff have to take particular care when removing the stylet from a non safety cannula to avoid an accidental needlestick injury which carries the risk of contracting blood borne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C.
Annually around 40,000 needlestick and sharps injuries are reported by NHS staff. The Introcan Safety® device incorporates a patented self activating safety clip that automatically shields the needle’s sharp end when retracted so removing the risk of an accidental needlestick injury.
It is also proven to reduce the patients’ risk of contracting an IV related infection such as MRSA when used with other infection prevention measures.
Introcan Safety® is set to play a leading part in helping hospital trusts to meet new European wide regulations on preventing needlestick injuries among health-care workers.
Earlier this year, the European Council of Ministers adopted the EU Sharps Directive – which provides a framework to prevent sharp injuries in hospital and health-care environments. Member states will need to comply with the laws by May 2013 demonstrating they are making workplaces safer.
“B. Braun are delighted that Introcan Safety® has been honoured with such a prestigious award. This is a testament to all the hard work and effort by the B. Braun team in developing innovative medical devices to transform the lives of health-care workers and patients so as to ensure a safer and more effective environment for care,” said Graeme Cameron, Business Manager, B. Braun Medical.

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