Covidien Introduces the SprayShield™ Adhesion Barrier System to the European Marketplace

Covidien, a leading global provider of healthcare products, today announced that its Surgical Devices business unit has introduced the SprayShield™ Adhesion Barrier System throughout Europe. The SprayShield Adhesion Barrier System offers surgeons a unique synthetic, sprayable hydrogel that provides a strong barrier between tissue and organ planes that helps reduce the development of post-surgical adhesions. The SprayShield Adhesion Barrier System, which has received CE-Mark, is indicated for use in both open and laparoscopic abdominopelvic surgical procedures as an adjunct to good surgical technique.

“The SprayShield Adhesion Barrier System represents yet another innovative solution delivered by our BioSurgery team,” said Scott Flora, President, Surgical Devices, Covidien. “Like our other recent product introductions, including PleuraSeal™ lung sealant and VascuSeal™ vascular sealant, the SprayShield Adhesion Barrier System gives surgeons a new solution to help address an unmet clinical need,” he added.

Adhesions frequently occur after surgery due to tissue trauma that forms connective tissue bridges, or internal bands in the body, that can connect internal structures and organs that normally are separated. Adhesions have been associated with post-operative complications such as pelvic pain, infertility and small bowel obstruction that may require additional surgery to resolve. A long-term comprehensive study of women who had prior pelvic surgery showed that approximately 35% were readmitted an average of 1.9 times over a 10-year period due to adhesion-related complications. Even during routine surgical procedures, the need to remove adhesions extends operating room time and can lead to increased blood loss and other complications.

The SprayShield Barrier technology is a synthetic, absorbable hydrogel delivered by an air-assisted sprayer. The device can be stored at room temperature and prepared in less than two minutes. The SprayShield Adhesion Barrier polymerizes within seconds when sprayed, enabling site-specific application, and is blue in color, allowing the surgeon to see the coverage and thickness of the material upon application. Post-operatively, the SprayShield Barrier continues to separate tissue and organ planes as healing progresses under the gel. After several days, the hydrogel breaks down into water-soluble molecules that are absorbed and cleared through the kidneys.

In addition to Europe, the SprayShield Adhesion Barrier System is available in certain Middle East markets and South Africa. It is not available in the United States at this time.


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