Pioneer® Surgical Technology Receives 510(k) Clearance To Market FortrOss™, A Next Generation Bone Void Filler

Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc. today announced the U.S. market release of their FortrOss bone graft substitute. The novel biologic will make its public debut at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society (NASS) in Toronto, Canada. The FortrOss bone void filler, utilizing the power of nanotechnology for orthopaedic applications, is a scaffold for the in-growth of new bone when superior bone regeneration is required. Pioneer’s CEO and Chairman of the Board, Matthew N. Songer, MD, MBA says, “The Pioneer Orthobiologics team has reached a huge milestone with the release of the FortrOss.

This is the culmination of over 10 years work by each of the two companies, Encelle Inc. and Angstrom Medica, Inc. that were acquired by Pioneer in 2007.” The FortrOss bone void filler combines the nanotechnology of nanOss hydroxyapatite with the bone growth promotion of E-Matrix scaffold. The FortrOss bone void filler is the most advanced on the market. The FortrOss osteoconductive matrix utilizes Pioneer’s nanOss technology and is designed to mimic the nanostructures inherent in bone tissue. According to Dr. Edward Ahn, Vice President of Biomaterials at Pioneer states, “Because the nanOss hydroxyapatite in FortrOss resembles the size, shape, and chemistry of native bone, bone tissue has a great affinity for nanOss and recognizes it as native tissue. This mimicry of native bone makes nanOss superior to other calcium phosphates on the market.”

The combined nanotechnology-based osteoconduction and osteopromotive E- Matrix scaffold of FortrOss bone void filler positions Pioneer to impact significantly the dynamic field of bone repair. Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc., headquartered in Marquette, Michigan, is a dynamic medical device firm with a full line of cutting-edge motion preservation devices, either available commercially in Europe or under clinical evaluation in the U.S. Pioneer’s signature articulating P3 Technology – Pioneer PEEK-on-PEEK, in its NuBac disc arthroplasty system, BacJac interspinous decompression system, and NuNec artificial cervical disc, is the most technologically advanced in the industry.

Currently, Pioneer offers a diverse portfolio of next generation spinal fusion devices. Pioneer’s focus on innovation has resulted in over 100 U.S. and Foreign patents with numerous patents pending. The company established a Biologics Division following two acquisitions in 2007. Pioneer Orthobiologics is developing a rich pipeline of products indicated for a variety of spinal and orthopaedic applications. Pioneer focuses on developing products which are easier and faster for the surgeon, cost effective for the health care system, and provide better patient outcomes.


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