Covidien Launches Parietex ProGrip™ Hernia Repair Mesh

Covidien, a leading global provider of healthcare products, today announced that its Surgical Devices business unit has launched Parietex ProGrip™ mesh to customers throughout the United States and Europe. The new product is being introduced in conjunction with the annual American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress in San Francisco, California.

“As a leader in soft tissue repair, Covidien offers a complete hernia solution to our customers,” said Scott Flora, President, Surgical Devices, Covidien. “We provide the optimal hernia repair product for individual patient needs, including biologic implants, synthetic mesh, fixation and dissection devices,” he added.

Parietex ProGrip™ mesh is the first bicomponent mesh composed of monofilament polyester and a resorbable polylactic acid gripping system that facilitates a tension-free repair. This secure, self-gripping, biocompatible solution is positioned and placed in the same manner as in a standard open patch repair. The mesh’s self-gripping feature provides secure fixation, reducing or possibly eliminating the need to place supplemental fixation. The final decision on fixating Parietex ProGrip™ mesh remains with the surgeon, based on the size of the defect, the hernia position and the quality of the anatomical structures.

Made of lightweight, hydrophilic polyester, Parietex ProGrip™ mesh provides optimal porosity, which, in turn, fosters better tissue in-growth and may reduce pain. In addition, by working with the body’s natural systems, this innovative new product reduces the amount of foreign material left in the body.

For more information on Parietex ProGrip™ mesh, please visit This new website includes information on the complete line of hernia solutions provided by Covidien Surgical Devices.

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