AAOS: DePuy’s New Gear

OK we’ll try to keep this short. Here’s the new stuff being showcased by DePuy at AAOS this week. Key points are emboldened for scan-reading purposes.

AOX (TM) Antioxidant Polyethylene

First announced on our pages in December and FDA approved for use with the SIGMA Rotating Platform Knee System and LCS® COMPLETE®Mobile Bearing Knee System, the new AOX Polyethylene delivers an advanced blend of polyethylene resin and a unique antioxidant, COVERNOX™, to create a new polyethylene material that is highly efficient in trapping free radicals and scavenging oxygen. By eliminating the annealing or remelting process, AOX Polyethylene delivers oxidative stability and optimum wear resistance without compromising the mechanical properties or strength of the polyethylene.

RECLAIM™ Modular Revision Hip System

The RECLAIM Modular Revision Hip System is engineered to deliver a high level of implant strength. This system has been studied extensively through analytic techniques and rigorous laboratory testing and has demonstrated promising capabilities, particularly with respect to construct fatigue strength and torsional stability. The modular design of the RECLAIM Revision
Hip System features novel instrument technology that may improve intraoperative handling, flexibility and efficiency. The modularity of the system offers surgeons numerous options to treat a patient’s unique pathology while simplifying the instrumentation required in surgery.

GRIPTION® TF Acetabular Augment System

DePuy’s GRIPTION TF Acetabular Augment System addresses bone defects in moderate to complex acetabular revision surgery using a highly porous structure made from commercially pure titanium; a strong, corrosion-resistant metal that has high surface roughness and a similar elasticity to bone. The GRIPTION TF System offers a wide range of options and configurations
for the patient at the time of surgery and is designed to work in conjunction with the full range of PINNACLE Acetabular Cup options.

GLOBAL® UNITE™ Platform Shoulder Arthroplasty System

The GLOBAL UNITE Platform System, which treats fractures of the proximal humerus, helps improve tuberosity healing and is the only system that can later be easily converted to a reverse shoulder arthroplasty for treatment of arthritis with a torn rotator cuff.


GLOBAL®STEPTECH® Anchor Peg Glenoid(APG).

The GLOBAL STEPTECH APG System, has been designed to correct excessive retroversion caused by posterior glenoid bone loss, closely recreate the original glenohumeral joint line, and minimize the removal of healthy bone. The prosthesis incorporates a proprietary step design with an anterior backside surface that is spherical and a posterior backside surface that is conical. This unique dual surface design effectively counteracts posterior loading.

Company comments

“Our ever expanding portfolio enables us to offer solutions to most of the orthopaedic challenges a surgeon or patient may face,” said Andrew Ekdahl, President, DePuy Orthopaedics. “Our goal is to provide surgeons and health care institutions with more choices that help fill clinical needs, streamline procedures and personalize treatment. We believe that products that focus on these areas will help enhance care while reducing health care costs.”

DePuy is also introducing the latest generation of TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions technology for use with its SIGMA® Fixed-Bearing Knee System, one of the most widely used knee systems in the world.

Source: DePuy