DePuy Engineers “did their job, but they could have done it better”

The New York Times has published something of an update to the proceedings underway at the moment between ASR implantee Loren Kransky and J&J’s DePuy division. Link to the article here.

The article is pretty damning of the medtech giant, citing a catalogue of missed opportunities, evidenced by internal emails and documented inadequacies in device testing. Of particular note was the suggestion that engineering tests on the hip assembly had been performed at a single implantation angle, despite the apparently established fact that implantation at varying angles was inherently possible and indeed likely. At implantation angles other than the one tested, it seems the assembly exhibits undue wear and “the product is more likely to experience contact between the head and rim” than competing implants. The consequences of this wear have now become rather well-known.

Source: New York Times

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