Kransky vs J&J DePuy Trial Closing Remarks

Here’s an update on the court case currently underway in the U.S. which may prove a bellwether for future proceedings in the ongoing saga of J&J DePuy’s metal on metal ASR hip prosthesis.

We’re closing in on the end game in this particular phase of the proceedings, as Mr Kransky’s lawyers lay out their closing arguments. It’s hard to read how this is going to end up. Kransky’s team are arguing that the company knew the ASR device had its problems before he ever received one. J&J’s team are arguing that the hip was implanted at an angle steeper than the guidelines recommended and also that the need for revision surgery was driven by an infection.

Reuters’ piece on the subject can be found here. It’s an interesting read, although we don;t want to predict what the result is going to look like. Kransky’s lawyers are wanting $5M for his pain and suffering. J&J will be hoping for rather less.

Source: Reuters