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We try to cover medtech news stories in an even-handed and fair way, covering all specialties as far as we can possibly do so. But cardiology doesn’t make it easy for us. While some specialties hit our radars once in a blue moon (OBGYN, Urology, etc etc), the proponents of ever more brilliant devices pitched at people hungry for a new technological gizmo, continue to smack us in the face every week.

This week’s View From The Med editorial wonders why? And we conclude that it can’t go on forever.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the read.


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View From The Med Online Now

This week we approach regulatory evidence from a fresh perspective and wonder whether there is such a thing as a goldilocks zone when it comes to supporting evidence.

Also we’re discussing the way the media can kill demand for products based on little evidence of their own.

This week’s View From The Med is ready to read online, here.

And if you fancy listening instead, there’s always the podcast.