HeadSense Secures Financing for Non-Invasive Neuro Monitor

Israeli neuro device company, HeadSense, which is developing a non-invasive neurological monitor focused initially on an intracranial pressure (ICP) application, has announced it has secured necessary financing for its venture.


HeadSense’s device includes an earbuds-like disposable unit that is placed in the patient’s ears. The device generates an acoustic signal that is circulated through the head and then is picked up in the other ear using an acoustic sensor. The data generated from the signal can then be analyzed in real-time from a tablet or smartphone.

The company says it will use the investment to continue to expand its revolutionary work in bringing to market its non-invasive ICP monitor.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Company comments

Guy Weinberg, CEO of HeadSense, said, “Intracranial pressure is an important parameter for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients suffering from head trauma, strokes and other conditions. The current gold-standard is expensive, invasive and requires a skilled neurosurgeon. With this new distributive technology we are offering a non-invasive, accurate, continuous and cost-effective alternative that will improve patient care by allowing more patients to be monitored with reduced costs.”

Noah Lewis, managing director, GE Ventures, Healthcare said, “Disruptive digital and mobile health innovation, like HeadSense, is crucial to improving the quality and affordability of healthcare. We are excited to help HeadSense as it brings its technology to market.”

Source: HeadSense, Business Wire