Aircast Ankle Brace Supports Murray In Wimbledon Win

Who knows whether the headline is true or not. Indeed DJ Orthopedics, with its Aircast, has not done much to soak up any of the reflected glory of Andy Murray winning Wimbledon yesterday. But, being device nerds we couldn’t help noticing that he’s been wearing Aircast’s ankle brace for much of his career, making us wonder why?

Reassuringly, it seems like there’s no sinister underlying condition that is likely to threaten his career just yet. The reason Andy wears an ankle brace centres on his chronic ankle injury which leads to instability and if left unsupported could potential lead to further damage. By wearing the brace, in combination with other orthotics, his ankle is given a degree of stability without compromising his movement.

According to the Aircast therapy site,, Andy Murray uses the Aircast A60 ankle brace, which is described as lightweight, breathable and the perfect combination of strength and protection.

Notably other tennis stars including Lleyton Hewitt and Andy Roddick, choose the more robust Airsport Ankle Brace, suggesting Murray’s need is rather less demanding. Although having watched him hurling himself around as he determinedly gave nothing up on his way to a brilliant victory of Djokovic, one wonders how much abuse the human ankle can withstand.

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