Contract Manufacturing the Malaysian Way

Contract Medical Device Manufacturer, Paramit Corporation has announced a new, state-of-the-art facility in Malaysia that will give it a global footprint for the first time.


Paramit Corporation, the self-styled “zero-defect” medical device and life sciences contract manufacturer, is building a new 162,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Penang, Malaysia. The facility will focus on complex medical devices and life sciences instruments, in addition to its current customer base in Malaysia. The new Penang site will be designed from the ground up to replicate the company’s unparalleled facility in California, which integrates proprietary processes to perform at “better-than-best-in-class” levels across quality, delivery, customer service and cost. Underpinning Paramit’s performance claim is its long-time focus on assembling printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) at Six Sigma quality levels, combined with its patent-pending vPoke™ system that enables defect-free mechanical assembly. The vPoke system simplifies the mechanical assembly and testing of a complex product into hundreds or thousands of steps using sophisticated computer systems to validate and verify each step. Once the company’s new facility is completed it will effectively double the Paramit’s current Penang capacity. Interestingly, the architecture of the new building addresses the unique characteristics of the Malaysian climate and is designed to create maximum energy efficiency. For example, the facility will use canopies of trees to create shading and in-slab cooling to reduce power requirements, creating what is being called “the factory in the forest.” In addition, it is designed to be exceptionally employee-friendly, with gardens and waterfalls on multiple levels and large gathering spaces throughout the facility.

Company comments 

“Quality is critical, but the Paramit experience is about so much more than that,” said Paramit Chief Executive Officer Billoo Rataul. “Our culture is driven by a passion for improvement and an ingenious approach to solving problems. We deliver consistently exceptional performance and, ultimately, peace of mind to our customers.” “A more sophisticated and larger Penang facility will enable us to expand our proprietary processes into Asia, improve workflow, and enhance our overall global capability for both current and new customers,” said Atul Jhalani, Paramit Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Source: Paramit Corporation

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