Port Site Closure Device to Feature at AAGL 2015 This Weekend

neoSurgical Inc. will be exhibiting its FDA-cleared neoClose post-site closure device at this weekend’s “AAGL 2015 Global Congress” in Las Vegas, Nov. 15-19.


neoSurgical, Inc featured on our pages a few weeks ago as it told us it was to host a summit on the subject of port-site closure. Find that post, including details of the challenges presented by port-site closure, here.

Fundamentally, while laparoscopic abdominal surgery is by definition minimally invasive, “herniation” or “trocar site hernia,” can lead to morbidity due to small bowel strangulation, for example, or nerve and vessel entrapment, resulting in infection, bleeding and pain.

A number of studies points to this problem being significantly under-diagnosed, a view supported by eminent gynecologic practitioner, Charles E. Miller, MD, Past President (2007 – 2008) of the AAGL, in so doing supporting the use of the neoClose device. Indeed Dr Miller has participated in a video interview, which can be found on the neosurgical website.

 Physician comments

“neoClose® offers a very innovative way of closing the port site, of closing that incision,” said Dr Miller

Company comments

“We are extremely pleased that an eminent physician such as Dr. Miller appreciates innovation that enhances patient outcomes and safety,” added Barry Russell, CEO of neoSurgical®.

Source: neoSurgical, Inc.

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