Band-Aid with No Batteries Sends Temperature to Your Smartphone

We don’t normally cover so-called news that a company is going to showcase its wares somewhere or other. But it’s pre-Christmas quiet season, and we like this product, which rather exemplifies the state of the wearable technology industry.


VivaLnk, Inc. has developed the eSkin™ Thermometer, that it says will transform the way we measure and monitor body temperature. The technology enables complex electronic circuitry with embedded tiny sensors on a thin flexible material to adhere comfortably to the skin. Using a chip-based solution, together with state-of-the-art temperature sensing technology, this electronic patch makes highly accurate temperature measurements without requiring a battery.

It works with a smartphone to provide a range of smart feature possibilities. The initial product release will include the ability to record and track fevers, simplifying the illness monitoring process. It is extremely easy to use and takes an accurate body temperature reading in less than three seconds. The smart functionalities of eSkin™ Thermometer meets the expectation of technology savvy adults, and the thermometer patch is designed to be attractive for young children. Since the patch looks and feels like a kids’ sticker, similar to a Band-Aid, it alleviates the fear and anxiety associated with taking their temperature.

VivaLnk says it is in the process of completing the initial product design, but is somehow planning on releasing a limited amount of samples in January for interested partners.

Company comments

“VivaLnk’s eSkin™ technology has placed NXP’s technology adoption into new and exciting applications,” emphasized Victor Vega, Director, NFC/RFID Solutions at NXP Semiconductors. Leveraging this extraordinary form factor, the engineering team at VivaLnk created an easy-to-use, function-rich smart thermometer for parents to measure and monitor fevers of young children.

Source: VivaLnk, Inc., Business Wire

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