Brain Disorder Diagnosis Needs Collaboration Among Neurological Researchers

Armed with promising published data relating to its Nautilus BrainPulse™ concussion diagnostic system, Jan Medical is calling for global collaboration among neurological researchers to advance the science.


Concussion is an everyday concern for up to 2.6 million student athletes in the US. A second concussion incurring while recovering from an initial concussion, otherwise referred to as Second Impact Syndrome (SIS), can be lethal.

California’s Jan Medical has developed the world’s first portable, noninvasive device, Nautilus BrainPulse, designed to ‘measure’ the presence of cerebrovascular abnormalities such as concussion. The expectation is that Nautilus BrainPulse will have the capability of identifying not only an initial concussion, but to also track the crucial course of recovery and return to baseline.

While it remains an investigative device, already a Stanford study published in Clin J Sport Med has indicated that measurement of brain motion using the portable and noninvasive Nautilus BrainPulse device can detect concussion.

The principal behind the company’s Nautilus BrainPulse is that many cerebral disorders will generate distinctive brain pulse patterns. The process of turning this principle into a clinical solution requires collecting data from cohorts of interest, identifying features distinctive and exclusive to the signal patterns, and assembling an algorithm from these features.

While Jan Medical has initiated investigations into several clinically important indications, the company believes that collaborative work with leading neurological researchers, their teams and their institutions will accelerate development and discovery of new indications for its system. The company is therefore looking for qualified collaborators willing to participate in the challenge and the benefit of developing indications of clinical importance and commercial viability.

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Source: Jan Medical, Inc.

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