Milestone for Biosensors as Japanese Arm of Drug Stent Trial Completes Enrollment

Biosensors International has announced completion of patient enrollment in LEADERS Free Japan, a ground-breaking trial involving BioFreedom™, the company’s novel polymer and carrier-free drug-coated stent (DCS).


BioFreedom is the latest development in Biosensors’ stent technology, featuring an abluminal coating of Biolimus A9™ (BA9™) without the use of a polymer or other carrier. BA9 is a highly lipophilic anti-restenotic drug developed by Biosensors specifically for use with stents.

In its First in Man study, treatment with BioFreedom demonstrated excellent 12-month late lumen loss and sustained safety up to four years, including absence of definite and/or probable stent thrombosis.

So followed the new study, tagged “LEADERS Free Japan,” the world’s first prospective, randomised double-blind clinical trial employing only a one-month course of dual anti-platelet therapy (DAPT) after implantation of an active stent. The trial is focused on patients at high risk of bleeding, and has been designed to confirm that BioFreedom is as safe as a bare-metal stent (BMS) in this patient group, while delivering the anti-restenotic benefit of a drug-eluting stent.

LEADERS Free Japan, a prospective, multi-centre open-label trial, is applying the same patient selection criteria and duration of DAPT as Biosensors’ main LEADERS Free study, but with just the BioFreedom treatment arm. The LEADERS Free study has already enrolled 2466 patients identified as having a high risk of bleeding from 68 sites across Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada. 

The objective of LEADERS Free Japan is to confirm that the safety and efficacy of BioFreedom in Japanese patients is equivalent to that observed in patients of other ethnicities, as assessed in the active (BioFreedom) arm of LEADERS Free. Safety is being measured by the composite of cardiac death, myocardial infarction and definite/probable stent thrombosis at one year, and efficacy by the incidence of clinically driven target lesion revascularization at one year.

LEADERS Free Japan has enrolled 140 patients identified as having a high risk of bleeding, from 12 centres across the country. All patients are being prescribed only one month of DAPT.

BioFreedom has received CE Mark approval and is currently available in select markets. Biosensors has also received conditional IDE approval to conduct a US-based clinical trial of BioFreedom, designed to collect additional safety and effectiveness data.

Investigator comments 

“I am delighted to have completed patient enrollment in this groundbreaking study”, commented Principal Investigator Dr. Shigeru Saito, Shonan Kamakura General Hospital, Kanagawa, Japan. “It is a unique clinical trial, not only for the stent itself but for the unprecedented trial design and the challenging patient population. We expect to gain valuable scientific and clinical findings from the trial, potentially showing the technology offers unique clinical benefits for our patients.”

“We hope that the results from LEADERS Free Japan will show, for the first time, that a drug-coated stent can be used safely and effectively with only one month of DAPT in Japanese patients at high risk of bleeding”, added Dr Philip Urban, Principal Investigator for LEADERS Free.

Source: Biosensors Internationsl, Inc.



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