“Breakthrough” Medical Textile Technology Means Artificial Tendons And Ligaments Can Now Mimic The Real Thing

In short

Rhode Island medical textile specialist Biomedical Structures LLC, has unveiled its advanced new tapered medical textile solution for tendons, ligaments and other orthopaedic applications. The company claims its advanced weaving capabilities provide a high-precision medical textile solution able to match human anatomical construction of tendons and replicate performance.


It’s not often we cover what we’ll categorise as the business-to-business end of the medical devices industry, the bit where companies peddle their technologies for other companies to use in their products. We’ve forced this one through the net though because we thought our orthopaedic readers might see its potential.

Biomedical Structures LLC describes itself as specialising in the advanced design, development and manufacturing of biomedical textiles for device manufacturers in the orthopaedic, cardiovascular, general surgery, and tissue engineering and regenerative medicine markets. It’s not alone in this specialism, company’s like UK’s Xiros(Neoligaments) having been around for donkeys years making its own ACL, Shoulder and Achilles constructs as well as being a manufacturing subcontractor or partner for numerous companies.

Back to Biomedical Structures,  it says its new weaving techniques allow for the creation of more lifelike structures that imitate natural tendon and ligament performance better than ever before because it can shape bio-absorbable and permanent fibres to resemble the human anatomy of tendons by developing precise dimensions and load-bearing performance characteristics within a functional shape that mirrors natural geometries. In other words it can create synthetic mimics of tendinous fibre structures.

Company comments

“BMS’ continual investment in cutting-edge equipment designed to enhance our biomedical textile production capabilities has delivered in a transformative way for device engineers looking to the next-generation solution for orthopedic repair,” said BMS CEO Dean Tulumaris. “Medical device OEMs will now be able to create synthetic tendon and ligament repair structures that match human anatomy more closely than ever before. As we marry our expertise in tapering very fine fibers for cardiovascular applications with deep experience in orthopedic reconstruction and repair device support, we are excited to bring this breakthrough capability to the market.”

We say

So if you’re an orthopod or other specialism and have ideas and concepts that may end up as a useful product, these might be the people to talk to.

Source:  Biomedical Structures LLC