Smith & Nephew Buys Portable/Wearable NPWT Company

In short

Smith & Nephew, the global medical technology business, has announced the closing of the acquisition of privately-held Kalypto Medical, Inc., by its group company Smith & Nephew, Inc., adding to Smith & Nephew’s own Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) innovation pipeline and intellectual property portfolio. The details of the transaction have not been released.

Kalypto Medical is the manufacturer of the NPD 1000, a portable, ambulatory Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system, a business area in which it has been investing since 2006.

Smith & Nephew already had a presence in the NPWT market with its Renasys™ product, covered previously on medlatest. Furthermore, back in January we covered the company’s introduction of the PICO™ system, a smaller, more portable system suitable for home use. The acquisition of Kalypto Medical appears to be an attempt to extend the company’s reach into all areas of NPWT.

Company comments

“Smith & Nephew entered the NPWT market nearly five years ago with the intent of delivering innovation. Our RENASYS and PICO products have disrupted the NPWT market,” commented Robin Carlstein, Senior Vice President at Smith & Nephew’s Advanced Wound Management division. “The acquisition of Kalypto Medical is in alignment with our strategy to bring ever more innovation to this important market, continuing our drive to reduce the human and economic cost of wounds. And through innovations in the NPWT market, we can directly impact the health and economic costs that affect our customers.”

Source: Smith & Nephew, Kalypto Medical