Hacker Can Control Insulin Dose

You may have seen a few reports in recent weeks and months about the potential for the determined  hacker to be able to “break in” to implantable or portable wireless devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators and insulin pumps and modify their behaviour. In an article which can be found here, “hacker” Barnaby Jack, previously having persuaded a cash machine to share its contents, has now demonstrated that he can do the same with a portable insulin pump and even scan an area for specific pumps before then controlling the dosage.

The article, which appeared in Mobile Magazine states; “Jack’s efforts take hack-attack a step further. He can use his program to scan a public space and find vulnerable pumps made by Medtronic Inc, a Minneapolis-based firm. He can then force the pumps to dispense fatal insulin doses.”

“Medtronic has already taken steps to cover the loop holes in its devices. The company has hired security teams from Argonne National Laboratory, Symantec Corp. and Wurldtech Security Technologies Inc. to inspect its products and is coordinating with the Department of Homeland Security to make remedial measures.”

It seems Mr Jack is also doing his bit by finding ways to break into devices in order to remotely upgrade their security, which would be good news for people with vulnerable implantable devices.

Thought provoking stuff which makes last week’s hoo haa about Google’s privacy policy look ever so slightly less important.

Source: Mobile Magazine