Intersect ENT Launches VenSure Balloon Sinus Dilation and Cube Navigation System


Ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist company Intersect ENT®, Inc., has announced the U.S. nationwide commercial availability of the VenSure™ Balloon Sinus Dilation System and Cube™4D Navigation System with VirtuEye™ photo registration.


As many as 1 in 8 adults in the United States suffer from chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS). CRS is a condition in which the sinuses within the nose and head become swollen and inflamed for three months or longer, causing blockage of airflow and drainage. Over time, the sinuses can become infected leading to inflammation and pain. Up to 60% of CRS patients may not experience significant improvements in their symptoms despite trying multiple over the counter and prescription medications.

For chronic sinus sufferers Intersect ENT offers a range of device, drug and procedural solutions. These now include the VenSure Balloon and Cube 4D Navigation Systems as well as VirtuEye photo registration.

VirtuEye is an exclusive and novel, touchless technology. It allows for easy 3D facial registration, pinpoint accuracy and improved workflow efficiency for balloon sinus dilation (BSD) procedures and other ENT related skull-based surgeries.

The BSD procedure entails insertion of a balloon, like the VenSure device, to open the blocked sinuses with precision, reducing the risk of complications associated with other, more invasive surgical procedures. Because balloon sinus dilation preserves the integrity of the sinus tissue, it allows for quick recovery times as most patients may return to regular activity as early as the very next day.

The procedure can be performed in the physician’s office, reducing the need for costly and unsettling hospital stays and expensive medications.

The VenSure Sinus Balloon is a simple yet effective device with a slim, ergonomic design that tailors to the user’s hand for efficient maneuverability. The systems responsive feel is driven by its malleability and integrated components intended to optimize visibility and feel. The tip tracked technology that is incorporated into each instrument helps provide confident and precise placement feedback.

Clinician comments

“Chronic rhinosinusitis is an underserved and serious condition that can reduce patients’ quality of life, their ability to work and to get restful sleep. There is a clear need for innovative tools and a broadened armamentarium that can help physicians treat patients suffering from CRS,” states Rajiv Pandit, MD, Otolaryngologist at Dallas ENT Head & Neck Surgery.

“Balloon sinus dilation offers CRS patients a convenient, less-invasive, lower-cost solution by providing rapid resolution of symptoms with a minimal risk of complications. The VenSure Balloon allows the technique to be tailored and adapted to each patient’s unique anatomy and the use of Cube Navigation System with VirtuEye ensures a simple yet highly precise location of the balloon for optimized placement within the sinus.”

Company comments

“Intersect ENT is transforming to become a more diversified, integrated and evidence-based growth company participating across the continuum of care in CRS,” said Thomas A. West, President and Chief Executive Officer of Intersect ENT.

“Our portfolio of related but distinct technologies inclusive of our localized drug delivery platforms, PROPEL and SINUVA, along with VenSure and Cube, now provide surgeon’s an integrated toolbox of solutions to treat patients suffering from CRS regardless of site of care. We are proud of our continued leadership in bringing to market innovative novel ENT technologies that address patient and physician need while providing significant growth to our company.”

Source: Business Wire

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