Now Varian And Siemens Enter Alliance

In short

Last week we covered the story of Abbott and St Jude Medical agreeing to join forces for US contract opportunities in a move we described as airline-style consolidation. It now seems code-sharing, or as close as medtech gets to it, is not that unpopular an idea as Varian Medical Systems and Siemens Healthcare announce their very own strategic global partnership.

The companies clearly believe joining forces gives them the best chance of filling gaps in their own ranges as well as bringin some economic sense to the development of new product development.


The combined force of Varian and Siemens will result in a comprehensive offering, providing advanced diagnostic and therapeutic solutions and services for treating cancer with image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery. A press announcement states that “The collaboration covers the mutual marketing and representation of products for imaging and treatment in the global radiation oncology business.”

Furthermore the collaboration will extend to the development of software interfaces between Siemens and Varian treatment systems and the companies will also be investigating opportunities for joint development of new products for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery.

The agreement 

Under this new agreement, Varian will represent Siemens diagnostic imaging products such as CT, PET/CT or MRI to radiation oncology clinics around the world beginning immediately in most international markets and expanding to North America later this year. At the same time Siemens Healthcare will represent Varian equipment and software for radiotherapy and radiosurgery within its offerings to its healthcare customers.

The companies state that this will enable them to offer comprehensive solutions to support the entire clinical workflow from imaging to treatment. Siemens will continue to service and support its global installed base of approximately 2,000 medical linear accelerators. The agreement will give Siemens customers more choices for therapy equipment, including smooth transition and interface to Varian equipment, as aging accelerators are due for replacement.

Furthermore, Varian and Siemens will develop interfaces that will enable connecting Varian’s ARIA® oncology information system software with Siemens accelerators and imaging systems to give clinics more options for improving workflow and streamlining their operations. The collaboration enables Varian and Siemens to co-develop and offer cancer treatment centers new imaging and treatment solutions utilizing the strengths and technology of both companies.

Company comments

For Varian 

“This is an exciting development that will enable Varian to enhance and expand its clinical offerings for the benefit of cancer patients around the globe,” said Tim Guertin, President and CEO of Varian Medical Systems. “By developing strong software connectivity and new architecture linking Siemens and Varian systems, together we can give clinics important new options for imaging and treating patients. Another key objective of this partnership is to accelerate innovation and provide more efficient and effective solutions, particularly in emerging markets.”

For Siemens 

“With this step under Siemens’ Healthcare Agenda 2013, we aim to strengthen our position as Imaging Partner of Choice in Radiation Oncology,” said Walter Marzendorfer CEO of Siemens Radiation Oncology and Computed Tomography. “Through this collaboration, Siemens will continue to serve the global radiation oncology business and help improve the treatment of cancer patients around the globe with high-quality imaging and treatment solutions that utilize our core competency and engineering excellence in imaging.”

Source: Varian Medical Systems, PR Newswire