So, are we getting it right?

Medlatest’s unique (we think) position in the world of online medical news services is twofold: firstly we have a bias towards end-users and specifiers of medical devices and secondly we are ever so slightly less US centric, so we try to ensure that the news items we select for inclusion are of international, especially European relevance.  So, for the investor community looking for quarterly results and all the detailed M&A stuff, we’re probably not going to be your only source of information.  That said, we have years and years of medical device experience under our belts and keep a very close watch on what’s happening, so are always likely to carry a different angle somewhere along the line.

Back to our reader base then, we’re endeavouring to distil stories and news items of interest especially to clinicians.  This means we might not include the latest way to laser weld medical tubing together, but we will include items when a technology is new and meaningful to the end user.  Take for example the BASF feature in recent days, where the world’s biggest chemical company has come up with a way of coating medical devices with anti-infective silver ions.  Yes, it’s a manufacturing story, and yes, it has relevance to our audience.

Another example: FDA approval.  Does it have relevance that product X has gained FDA approval?  Well, yes we think so, because if that product already has CE mark (which they usually do), it may provide reassurance for the European user that the US authorities have also approved it.  What’s amazing to us is just how few US companies tell the world by press release when they gain CE approval, let alone make it clear on their website what level of approval they have.  We can’t believe clinicians would not find that information useful.

So we revert to you dear reader.  Please tell us what you think of our site and in particular what you’d like to see more of/less of, by contacting us.

Source: medlatest staff