Research Says A Quarter Of All European Doctors Use Ipad Professionally

Techcrunch has reported on a survey which suggests that  just over a quarter of all doctors in the EU — primary care and specialist — use an iPad for professional purposes.

It goes on to state;  “That’s a big number for a device primarily aimed at content consumption and not hardened against a hospital environment.”

The article can be found here and comes with the warning that the survey was probably done less scientifically than most clinicians would recognise-for instance, it was done online, which might skew the results ever so slightly- but it’s an interesting thought nevertheless.

What’s more interesting, for us at least, is that as a European online medical devices new resource we’re seeing massive and sustained growth in our readership, so maybe the mooted 25% of the medical fraternity are gradually finding their way to our witty and informative daily editorial.

Source: Techcrunch