“Kabir Is 14 And Has Worked In Pakistani Surgical Instrument Workshops Since He Was 8”

Ethical sourcing of the devices and other accoutrements of your trade you use may not be your first consideration as a healthcare professional, but a new initiative in the UK NHS is raising the issue’s profile and working with other organisations in what is being branded a campaign for ethical trading in the NHS. The BMA has issued this press release on the subject today, and whether you’re a healthcare professional in the UK, USA or wherever, it makes a soul-searching read.

This youtube clip is brilliantly produced and very thought-provoking. Remember it next time someone suggests buying the cheapest instruments, gloves, gowns, drapes, because the drive to keep costs down risks stepping onto that slippery slope.

At medlatest we are ardent supporters of this initiative and urge our readers to make and keep ethical sourcing of healthcare products  at the front of your mind, because it cannot be right that in the twenty first century people work in horrendous conditions for 80 hours a week producing goods for use in our affluent healthcare systems can it?

Source: BMA