CE Mark For Smiths Medical’s New Safety IV Catheter

In short

Smiths Medical, has gained CE mark status for its Jelco IntuitIV Safety IV Catheter™ for intravenous infusion. The catheter, manufactured in Latina, Italy, is intended to reduce the risk of needlestick injury, an occupational hazard for the healthcare professional.


Accidental needlesticks with “sharps” occur frequently, at an estimated rate of 3.5 million incidents per year worldwide and many of these cases can be attributed to the use of IV catheters.

Safety IV catheters, which are equipped with mechanisms to either shield or encapsulate the sharp tip of a guide needle, have become increasingly requested by clinicians and institutions. Indeed professional associations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), and government agencies worldwide have issued directives encouraging the adoption of practices that elevate caregiver safety, including the use of sharps safety devices.

The new Jelco IntuitIV Safety IV Catheter™ is a passive safety device, so-called because its safety mechanism activates automatically upon removing the guide needle from the patient’s blood vessel. A cylindrical tip protector encapsulates the tip to help prevent the sharp point from coming in contact with anyone other than the patient.

Company comments

Smiths Medical President Srini Seshadri commented: “Our Jelco® line of safety devices has a long history of quality, innovation and safety. We are pleased to be able to offer a solution that helps to keep clinicians and healthcare workers safe from needlestick injury and the potentially detrimental consequences. It is Smiths Medical’s goal to help make every medical intervention successful for the patient as well as the caregiver.”


First deliveries of the Jelco IntuitIV Safety IV Catheter™ have already commenced. Smiths Medical says regional introductions of the Jelco IntuitIV IV Catheter™ will expand as country registrations and approvals are granted.

Source: Smiths Medical, Business Wire