U.S. Commercial Launch of Signostics Uscan™ Ultrasound Bladder Scanner

Ultrasound device specialist Signostics, says its recently FDA cleared Uscan™ device is now available for delivery in the U.S. Uscan is an intelligent ultrasound device for bladder care that offers high-definition sonographic imaging. It can also be used in additional applications such as kidney exams, urological catheter placement and wall thickness measurement.


Uscan is the world’s first advanced ultrasound for bladder care, representing a category breakthrough. Using ultrasound and algorithms from the science of computer vision, Uscan actively recognizes the 3D contours of the bladder, for claimed far more accurate volume measurements than the industry standard even on obese and other hard-to-scan patients. It acquires up to 256 bladder slices – 32 times more than conventional bladder scanners – resulting in industry-leading accuracy. Beyond the bladder, Uscan adds unique clinical capacity through real-time ultrasound imaging of the kidneys, pelvic floor, prostate, gallbladder, bladder stones, urological catheter emplacement and pelvic mesh status. It is compatible with Android operating systems, and has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity that enables fast and reliable image management and interoperability with electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Signostics’ Uscan device has regulatory approvals in the U.S., Europe and Australia, and exports to countries around the world.

Company comments

“We are very pleased to launch Uscan in the U.S., ensuring access to a new breakthrough in ultrasound technology that goes beyond the functionalities of conventional bladder scanners,” said Kevin Goodwin, CEO. “Using a small handheld device, Uscan’s dual capabilities of providing intelligent visualization coupled with high accuracy allows an enhanced understanding of patient information and more confident point-of-care clinical decision making.”

“Since its recent FDA clearance, Uscan has been successfully demonstrated at more than 100 hospitals across the country, as well as to physicians attending the American Urological Association’s 2016 Annual Meeting,” said Ryan Detzel, vice president of sales. “Having Uscan units now available in the U.S. allows us to fulfill existing orders and provide evaluation units for customers who wish to test the newest technology in the ultrasound space.”

Source: Business Wire

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