CE Mark For App To Improve Burns Assessment

Mobihealth News has reported on what it claims is the first medical app to gain CE Mark approval in the UK. Last week we reported that AirStrip Technologies had announced that it had secured a CE Mark for its suite of mobile medical applications. According to Mobile Health News it may have not been the very first medical app to secure a CE Mark and be publicly available in the UK market. Another app, created in cooperation with a team of UK-based plastic surgeons, apparently carries that distinction.

The app, designed by a not for profit organisation called D4, is called Mersey Burns and it’s currently available for all iOS devices. The Mersey Plastic Surgery Unit helped to develop the app, which aims to help doctors more easily calculate the percentage of a patient’s body surface area that is burned and, in turn, to better calculate the amount of fluid to be administered in the 24 hour period that follows the burn injury.
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Source: Mobihealth News