Diabetes Management: Cellnovo In The Sweet Spot

UK medical technology company Cellnovo has been in the news twice in recent weeks. First they received the CE mark for their insulin pump and then received an award for being Best Medtech Fundraiser at the recent 2011 OBN Bioscience Awards, an honour that recognises Cellnovo’s success in raising £30m to advance mobile diabetes management.

“The ability to see real-time data of patients who may be hundreds of miles away provides the opportunity to redefine our care model”

In September Cellnovo announced that it had received CE Mark approval for the world’s first mobile diabetes management system, which it is claiming is a significant milestone both for the company and for people living with diabetes. The press release can be sourced here.

Cellnovo is a complete diabetes management system built around the principles of mobile, wireless technology. The system includes an insulin patch pump, a wireless, touch screen handset with a built-in blood glucose monitor, and an extendable applications set.

The most exciting feature of the Cellnovo handset is that it wirelessly receives and transmits real-time data to a portal for patients and caregivers to use. This means that patients no longer have the burden of keeping meticulous journals, and that the data collected is incredibly accurate and consistent, ensuring optimal monitoring and treatment of the disease.

The company states: “For those who face diabetes every day as individuals, as doctors and nurses or as parents, we recognize the arduous task of managing this disease. We have developed a symphony of connected devices that aim to reduce burden while providing more insight to people with diabetes, their healthcare team and their family.”

It appears to be all good news for Cellnovo and as a British medical technology outfit we applaud the company for bringing innovation, commitment, technology and investment together in one package that has the look of a technology that will bring genuine patient and medical community benefits.

Source: Cellnovo, medlatest staff